The HLTH Foundation:
fixing healthcare for the greater good.

Any great healthcare ecosystem, driven by a deeper purpose, needs great values and great ethics.


About Us

A foundation for the greater good

We established the HLTH foundation to revolutionize global healthcare systems via an inclusive crypto ecosystem that provides an opportunity for everyone to harness the potential of an equitable and truly borderless healthcare economy. The foundation will drive adoption, facilitate partnerships, ensure stakeholder accountability, and helps to grow the global token-based health community, particularly in emerging healthcare systems.


With charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance

The HLTH Foundation is our most proud initiative, allowing you to make secure and fully traceable charitable donations. Blockchain allows the full understanding that your donation goes to the actual cause, no middle men or evil third party funding!


Putting action to the issues you care about

Be part of our mission to transform the lives of global citizens living with a degenerative or life-threatening genetic disease by revolutionizing awareness, developing innovative cures through our partner research programs, and providing resources through community and clinical support channels.


A pathway to the future

The extent to which this HLTH ecosystem realizes its potential will depend in substantial part upon how well stakeholders steward its development. New technologies should be managed with new ideas and state-of-the-art governance models. A cooperative process of multi-stakeholder dialogue and stewardship can go a long way in improving trust and helping new technological systems develop in a socially beneficial manner.

This global HLTH ecosystem should not be governed by nation states, state-based institutions or corporations. We believe that such an important, global initiative for the greater good should be steered into the right direction by a private-sector, international, non-profit consortium. As such, the HLTH Foundation will ensure security, sustainability and proper ethical conduct of the system.


Reconnecting society, health economy and ethics

The HLTH Foundation will strive to establish ethical and efficient stewardship, which involves collaborating and identifying common interests and creating incentives for all stakeholders. It will provide a process for reaching consensus on changes to the ecosystem. It will also establish an advocacy committee and a knowledge network for industry outreach and education. Finally, it sets forth codes of conduct, including transparency to ensure the formation of trusts. The foundation will work on legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure a long-term, sustainable and technically sound healthcare service.


Upcoming Cause


India’s HLTH Covid-19 Response Team

Our team on the ground in India daily are fighting the terrible social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. With your help, our team feeds and clothes communities around India. We are providing much needed support at this difficult time, with your help our teams can do so much more.

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Africa Blockchain & Secure Data Sharing Initiatives

The HLTH Foundation is working with groups around Africa on empowering understanding and value of their data to the global community. Training people and building the systems and secure blockchain environments and technology for sustained and long term growth through the HLTH Academy and Foundations.

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Global Inner City Stem Initiatives

The promotion of STEM activities in inner city communities around the world. We bring knowledge to areas with little or no infrastructure and understanding of latest practices, allowing leapfrogging or traditional western healthcare ecosystems.

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Helping Process

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HLTH donations are fully traceable on-chain, you have the piece of mind all of your donation will empower projects needing your support around the globe.

Your chance to donate to your charity, using any currency you wish and all transactions, interactions, and exchanges are immutably and transparently recovered, and securely validated. You have the HLTH blockchain peace of mind knowing all of your hard-earned money is going completely to your charity of choice. No middle person, no third-party involvement and this how charitably donations should operate!


Join as volunteer

There are so many opportunities to volunteer with HLTH. However much time you have and whatever your experience, you can make a significant difference, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic

The HLTH Global Volunteering network, gives you the chance to meet new people, learn new skills and help people get the support they need if a crisis strikes. The global community needs your help, now!

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